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Weekend Getaways

Escape the busy summer crowds with AK Private Jets & AK LifeStyle.

From the rugged wilderness of Iceland to a culture-filled sojourn in Sicily, there’s an adventure to suit everyone.

Porto & Douro Valley

Dive into a long weekend of exquisite pairings as you indulge in the glorious beauty and culinary delights of Porto and the Douro Valley. Experience divine architecture, sample famous vintage Port and enjoy private after-hours wine cellar tours. Taking you to the breath-taking panorama of the Douro Valley with exclusive estate wine tastings and divine gastronomy, you'll discover bespoke private tours and sublime luxury hotels as you travel through this region of Portugal like never before.

Limitless Iceland

Adventure awaits in the rugged landscapes of Iceland, home to mighty glaciers, erupting geysers, and dramatic volcanoes. Explore this unique wilderness in the company of expert local guides, staying in utmost style at one of the country’s most remote luxury lodges and a blue lagoon retreat

Taormina & Noto

Delve into this beautiful corner of Sicily, where an abundance of Baroque charm awaits. Uncover the cultural delights of the hilltop town of Taormina with local experts, from astronomers to art historians. Onwards to the stunning city of Noto to stay at one of Sicily’s newest boutique hotels.

Limitless Greece

Discover the magnificent ancient architecture of Athens before flying by helicopter to Amanzoe, a haven of tranquillity on Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. For a classic Greek adventure, island-hop around the Cyclades or discover the lesser-visited Ionian islands. 

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