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Your Jet Charter Guide


Today, time is everyone's most valuable commodity. This is especially true when it comes to air travel. In fact, reducing travel time is one of the main reasons that people choose to fly private instead of commercial.

Say ciao to arriving at the airport two hours before the departure, to the long security queues, and so long to the length layovers and transfer times of flying on increasingly sparse scheduled flight. Private travel is truly a time machine, travel on your terms and on your schedule.

To help first-time flyers navigate the world of private aviation, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to on-demand aircraft charter.

So, what is on demand jet charter and why is it the most popular private aviation service for those new to jet travel?

When chartering a jet, you are booking an aircraft of your choice, exclusively for you and your guests, for the route you require. On-demand means there is no upfront or ongoing financial commitment required; you only pay for the trips you make. Put simply, it is pay-as-you-go jet charter.


When requesting a quote, details are important. On demand charter allows you to create your personal travel itinerary, so the more information you can share with your Jet Charter Advisors, the more suitable options we will present to you. You’ll need to provide your date(s) of travel, number of passengers, and where you are travelling to and from. It’s worth sharing your actual start and end destinations rather than airport locations, as your experienced Jet Charter Advisor may know of private airports better suited to your journey. To ensure you get the very best quotes first time around, we recommend you also share who you are travelling with (including any pets) and the amount of luggage your party will have. If any passengers have specific requirements, such as needing a lavatory on board, or a spacious cabin as they’re a nervous flyer, then these are all useful things to make your Jet Charter Advisor is aware of.


Once your request is submitted to the jet market, you will receive a selection of suitable aircraft options to choose at the operator & owner prices. On demand jet charter grants you access to more than 7,000 aircraft worldwide which can mean an overwhelming amount of choice, especially as standards of aircraft quality and operator service can vary. Your Jet Charter Advisor will do the market search for you, before they revert with 3-6 of the most suitable aircraft options available for your trip. Your dedicated Jet Charter Advisor will take you through the details of each option to help you make a more informed decision about the jet you choose to book.

Guide pricing:

Example Routes: London - Paris // Nice - Ibiza // Milan - Rome

Full Charter One-Way Flight : from 3,000 EUR

Example Routes: London - Malta // Mykonos - Ibiza // Dubai - Jeddah

Full Charter One-Way Flight : from 12,000 EUR

Example Routes: Amsterdam - New York // Nice - Dubai // London - Lagos

Full Charter One-Way Flight : from 40,000 EUR

Example Routes: London - Los Angeles // Nice - Maldives // Geneva - Tokyo

Full Charter One-Way Flight : 75,000 EUR

There could be variable fees which are not included in the operator’s quote as they are not applicable to every charter. These include de-icing and on board WIFI usage. Your dedicated Jet Charter Advisor will highlight these before you book and they will often be stated in your quote.

Be ready to book quickly once you’ve chosen your preferred aircraft and operator to secure it. The jet market sees thousands of charter requests per day and all aircraft are quoted subject to continued availability. Your selected aircraft can only be considered booked and secured once signed flight agreement & payment are received.

Finally, make sure to check the operator terms and conditions for the flight (e.g. cancellation policies) before confirming your flight. Every aircraft operator have their


You’ve secured your aircraft, so what’s next? Your Jet Charter Advisor will be on hand to customise your journey right down the finest details. From ground transportation to in-air dining, you are in control of your charter experience. Don’t forget to highlight any dietary requirements, allergies, or personal favourites to make your on board experience as comfortable as possible.


Upon arrival at the terminal, you will be greeted by the ground staff who will take your luggage to the plane for you. With no queues or crowds in site, a private lounge for your use and just a short walk to your aircraft once ready, we advise arriving around 20 minutes before your scheduled take off time. All that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the flight.

AK Private Jet team look forward to welcoming you aboard.

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