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Cristiano Ronaldo's favourite private jet type, best seller for such a stunning aircraft; the Gulfstream G280.

The aircraft entered service in 2014 as an upgraded version of its predecessor the G200. The major improvements include an increased cabin length, more windows, access to the interior luggage compartment and a better fuel efficiency. In the cockpit, the new EVS II and HUD II systems allow the pilots to see terrain and runways in low-visibility conditions, meaning you will more often than not land at your end destination, rather than being rerouted to another airfield, even in poor weather conditions.

The interior of the G280 is not only larger and more spacious than its competitors, accommodating up to 9 passengers but it also offers state-of-the-art technology to create a silent cabin environment. The G280 truly represents a perfect combination of style and substance and provides the most complete service of any aircraft in its class.




4140 nm | 7667 km


486 kts | 900 kmh


6.27 ft | 1.91 m

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