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Among the Light Jets, the Cessna Citation XLS and XLS+ are the most popular aircraft for the spacious cabin with a 1.73m cabin height. Even though it is capable of transcontinental range, our clients often uses this jet to travel across Europe, for business trips or leisurely weekend breaks. 


On the other hand, other clients who are looking for a private jet to connect most European cities within a spacious and sleek interior will probably be interested in hiring a Phenom 300 or Nextant 400XT. Impressive to its short landing distance enables up to 8 passengers to access almost any airport and therefore to land closer to their final destination. 

With access to over recent 7,000 aircraft, AK Private Jets is able to source the right private jet in accordance with the purpose of your trip and your preferences.

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Light Jets (6-8 seats): About
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