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Unlike other private jets, private turboprops don’t require a full runway for landing and take off; a short airstrip is more than enough and this makes private turboprops so popular - offering more access to small airports that jets cannot use.

Turboprop aircraft like the Piaggio Avanti or the King Air 90, are ideal for short regional flights and often represent the best option to reach remote locations such as Saint-Tropez or Courchevel.

The Piaggio Avanti offers impressive cabin space (bigger from a VLJ - Cessna Mustang) and is a great choice for short hopping flights such as Paris to St Tropez or Pantelleria to Rome. 


Island-hopping in the Maldives archipelago, the Caribbean or Seychelles, is even more fun on board of the Cessna Grand Caravan accommodating up to 14 passengers and luggage.


AK Private Jets team offers tailor-made private jet services 24/7: get in touch to charter the best turboprops on the market.

Turboprops (3-10 seats): About
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