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Featuring significant advancements compared to its G300 predecessor, the Gulfstream G350 actually has more similarities to the luxury G450 yet has a slightly shorter range. As part of the improvements, this long range private jet features an effortlessly elegant interior which offers passengers ample personal space and modern amenities. 

Luxury leather seats are the focal point of the design with standard layouts including a combination of club four, club two and divan seating areas. To ensure that the environment is to your personal preference, each seating area can be adjusted through separate cabin controls, ensuring you enjoy the long-distance flight in optimal temperatures. The interior of each Gulfstream G350 is bespoke, having been custom-built to the original owner’s specification so in some models you will also find standing showers and staterooms, ideal for business travellers.




3797 nm | 7032 km


500 kts | 926 kmh


6.17 ft | 1.88 m

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