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Charter and Pay a Private Jet with Cryptocurrency

Updated: Jan 5

One in every three flights managed by or booked through AK Private Jet is now being paid for in cryptocurrency.

AK Private Jets continues to improve its services by allowing you to use top cryptocurrencies as payment for a private jet charter, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. We believe in giving our clients as many options as possible for convenience and safety.

If you are looking to use crypto to book a private flight today, you can request quotes and schedule a flight through our website.

How does AK Private Jets process cryptocurrency payments?

We will quote you the amount to be paid in euros and then use BitPay to process the payment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. BitPay is a leading payment technology provider, which acts as a secure gateway between the client and seller. The client makes the payment from his secure BitPay payment wallet. AK Private Jets then converts the payment instantly to euros to minimise currency fluctuation risks.

The Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies When Chartering a Private Jet.

Owners of crypto wallets understand that these transactions are fast, secure, and reliable. Here are some of the benefits it provides:

24/7 Availability

Wire transfers can be reliable, but you will often need to wait days before the transaction is complete. If a problem happens, no bank official will be available until their working hours. With crypto, you have none of these limitations. Need an emergency flight? Open your Binance account and direct a transaction to us. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight or the middle of the day.


Cryptocurrency transactions don’t need to take days. After a short processing of the blockchain and our payment processor, we receive your crypto payment immediately.


Holding large amounts of cash is often too risky. You do not want to be carrying suitcases of money to secure a flight. You can secure a transfer quickly by sending digital coins, meaning you will not need anything on your person. The owner can verify the crypto transactions with security measures built-in crypto wallets.

Low Fees

Securing a private jet hire using a credit or debit card is possible, but it comes with many fees. It isn’t good value for your money if you’re paying excessively for each transaction.

With crypto, you’ll only pay the processing fee of Bitpay. No other intermediary is handling the transfer, so you won’t need to pay any extra fees.

Experience the benefits of crypto by booking a flight with AK Private Jets. We accept many of the top cryptocurrencies used today.

Real Case Client Success Story

AK Private Jets experienced the power of cryptocurrencies on a last minute Jet Charter flight in 2021 when a late request was put in around 1 a.m. Sunday.

Due to the high charter prices, the credit card payment couldn’t be used and as banks are closed on weekends, the possibility of processing the payment in time and as a result the client couldn't fly on time.

The urgency of the flight request added to the pressure of organizing the documentation for the flight in an expeditious manner meant that we could not focus on the transaction that couldn't be processed, and instead lead us to open the possibility of payment being made in cryptocurrency. The client happily agreed to be guided by our private aviation advisor on how to complete a cryptocurrency payment. After 45 minutes the payment was safely and securely received, we were able to confirm the private jet flight and the client was delighted to secure their trip. This superb technology allowed our client to book stress-free, faster than traditional payment methods and with plenty of satisfaction.

We believe that allowing clients to access new payment methods, such as crypto, will bring more secure and faster transactions. AK Private Jets is always adapting to new technologies as it is crucial to move forward and strive in a new world of possibilities.

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