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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Courchevel is a world-renowned ski resort part of the Three Valleys ski domain. It is known as a luxury paradise due to many Michelin-starred restaurants, high-end hotels, chalets and especially it’s glamorous nightlife and designer boutiques.

Courchevel is divided into five villages located at different altitudes. Saint-Bon, Courchevel Le Praz (1300), Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850. All these villages are linked together by the tracks.

Courchevel 1850 is the highest, largest and most prestigious village in the resort. Created in 1946, in order to offer affordable leisure to the beneficiaries of paid vacation, Courchevel 1850 has today become the winter residence of the jetset.

Travel to Courchevel by Private Jet

Due to the short length of the runway (525m) and its uphill gradient; the steep approach; and the 'no go around' procedure, there are strict rules for private aircraft landing directly at Courchevel. Private jet owners can use the runway for small and medium jets, only if they are flying themselves in their own aircraft.

For those flying by private charter, there are more enhanced safety regulations – which limit access to the runway. AK Private Jets offers clients private jet charter into Chambery or other nearby airports, with a helicopter transfer directly to Courchevel Altiport if required.

  • Nearest airports to Courchevel are:

    • Courchevel Altiport (helicopters);

    • Chambery Airport (CMF/LFLB)

    • Grenoble Airport (GNB/LFLS)

    • Geneva Airport (GVA/LSGG)

Helicopter Flights To Courchevel

  • Helicopter from Geneva to Courchevel 1850: 30 minutes

  • Helicopter from Annecy to Courchevel 1850: 20 minutes

  • Helicopter from Chambery to Courchevel 1850: 20 minutes

  • Helicopter from Grenoble to Courchevel 1850: 30 minutes

  • Helicopter from Lyon to Courchevel 1850: 40 minutes

If you wish, our in-house concierge AK LifeStyle team will also be happy to drive you through the five villages of the resort using our VIP transfers. We will take you directly from the airport to the final destination of your choice.

Courchevel Establishments

France has 24 palaces, three of which are located in Courchevel 1850.

THE K2 Altitude

Like a hamlet, the K2 Altitude has 32 rooms and suites spread over eight chalets. Refinement and authenticity are the key words of this palace where a cozy and warm atmosphere reigns.

The Lingonberries

A legendary Courchevel palace on the edge of the Alpine garden and at the foot of the slopes, this 19th century Austro-Hungarian castle-like establishment combines prestige, privacy and authenticity. A real cocoon designed for an unforgettable stay.

Hotel Le Lana

A pioneer hotel in the resort created in 1958, Le Lana is today a luxury 5-star hotel located in the heart of the village. A true alliance of elegance and excellence, the establishment offers top-of-the-range and tailor-made service in a confidential setting.


Get in touch with our dedicated Jet Charter Advisors and AK LifeStyle team to book your private jet and organize your trip to Courchevel.

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