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All About In-Flight Private Jet Catering

Whether your flight is long or short, you can have a fine beverage and something delicious to nibble on.

A proper meal and drink will enhance your experience and make your trip memorable. The options available for catering onboard your private flight are as numerous and varied as our impressively wide fleet of private jets. You can bring your favourite treats onboard, order from a local restaurant that delivers meals to your FBO or ask your AK Private Jet Charter Advisor to plan something special.

Know your catering options by jet category

Very Light Jet | Light Jet

Due to the limited space on very light jets and light jets, food options tend towards nibbles. Expect snacks, savoury or sweet, as well as drinks. Some aircraft can offer VIP catering with extended options, like canapés, small desserts, pastries and more, but usually cannot serve warm food or reheat any dishes you order.

Midsize Jet | Large Jet | Long Range Jet

These larger aircraft may have a galley with a small kitchen onboard and can often offer warm meals on board and reheat your favourite dish from that local restaurant.

VIP Airliner

The sky truly is no limit when you fly on a VIP Airliner. These apartments above the clouds could host a party. They will likely have a fully equipped kitchen where a personal chef can prepare virtually any dish you desire.

Whichever jet size you choose, let your Jet Charter Advisor coordinate the details of your high-flying celebration.

Whenever possible, plan your meals in advance

Most of private jet caterers need some advance notice. We recommend that our clients advise us of their meal preferences at least 24 hours before departure. Whenever possible, discussing your meal plans with your Jet Charter Advisor team at the time of booking is best.

When speaking with your advisor, please specify any dietary restrictions, allergies, or other menu preferences. Advance notice is essential when requesting unique menus for special occasions.

We understand that last-minute flight plans happen, and we work with local partners to meet your needs. AK Private Jets ensures none of our clients flies on an empty stomach with our complimentary ‘Snack Box' This quick meal is ready-to-fly on any jet, offering a snack selection suited to the schedule.

Is Inflight catering pricey?

The price varies according to your selection and locations. But the most significant difference is that your private jet meal has a genuinely priceless view.

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