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Summer Season Is Fast Approaching

We are fast approaching the peak travel season and given the current trend, we expect prices for summer flights to start rising in the coming weeks. By getting in touch with us as early as possible, we can ensure that you will receive the widest range of transparent quotations and available aircraft to suit your requirements.


The summer is an enormously popular time of the year to travel via private jet, however, it goes without saying that this heightened demand also means that the competition for desirable routes and aircraft is becoming particularly fierce and that securing a booking can sometimes be a challenge.

Transparency is one of the benefits of being our client. It is also what 78% of our customers said was the thing they valued most about our service. At AK Private Jets, we prefer to go the extra mile by offering you detailed insights about the operator and the exact aircraft you’ll be flying with, alongside with direct payment settlement to the aircraft operator - to save on any redundant middleman fees.


AK Private Jets has access to more than 7,000 aircraft around the world, from Very Light Jets to Ultra Long Range Jets all the way to VIP airliners.

Discover the different private jet models across the categories and manufacturers and compare the different aircraft characteristics with Jet Advisors help - ready to assist with any questions or concerns 24/7.

Our Jet Charter Advisor team are always on hand to advise and provide fully transparent & competitive quotations at the aircraft operator costs; tailored entirely to your requirements. If you wish to arrange a call in the coming days to discuss your 2023 travel plans, the team is available at your convenience.

Kindly also note that our team at AK LifeStyle can also support in sourcing a Luxury Villa or Hotel and providing Luxury Global Chauffeur Service and Yacht Charter, for your next trip.


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